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Length gains WITHOUT stretching the upper ligs

Length gains WITHOUT stretching the upper ligs

Hey everyone. Fairly new to this. I’ve concluded that I simply can’t feel anything when I stretch upward or outward no matter how I try. I can however feel a good stretch when I stretch to the sides and also feel a slight stretch when I stretch upward. Will this be enough to produce some length gains? And also, as a side note, is it the stretch’s or the jelqs that produce more veins to appear (it’s something I’m trying to avoid)?

Jelqing is probably responsible for the veins, but also for the better gains when compared to stretching alone.

Stretching in all directions is good. Up, down, right, left and straight out. I usually feel something in all directions. Perhaps you’re not pulling hard enough. It doesn’t have to be extreme soreness, just something at the base.

You may not be pulling hard enough, OR you may be unintentionally / subconsciously clenching your BC muscle which may eliminate the “stretching feeling”

Link to my PE Stats.

Goal: 9 X 6.5

But will the side strecth’s be enough to make gains? I have given up on stretching the ligs, it just doesn’t work for me/

Okay this is unbelievable and unfair. Now I don’t even feel the side stretches. The first time I did PE I did down stretches. Next time I did it, when I did down stretches I couldn’t feel anything so then I did side strecthes. Now (the 3rd exercise) I can’t even do the side ones and nothing else works. Whats wrong with me?? I am pulling hard enough and have tried every intensity.

I would like to Know how hard We should pull for the stretching? Is there any side effect for pulling it too hard? I’m afraid of the side effect more.

Originally Posted by stunriver
I would like to Know how hard We should pull for the stretching? Is there any side effect for pulling it too hard? I’m afraid of the side effect more.

Stretching too hard could lead to injury. Stretch with medium force for optimal results.

Hey guys,

I’ve been doing this for about 2-3 weeks so I’m also a newbie. When I first started I had a similar problem (I posted the thread: “My penis won’t stretch!”). I have since found that after a good warm up the penis becomes a lot more pliable. I stretch to the left side until I can ‘feel’ it stretch a little and hold for 3 seconds, then I do the right side, upwards, downwards, and finally outwards.

You will be stretching your penis- you just may not be realising it or have enough sensitivity around the area to realise. Don’t over do it and be patient.

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