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Length gains? need some advice

Length gains? need some advice

Hi there everyone, I have been doing PEing for a couple of weeks now. i Have started on the sites newbie routine and just wanted to get the advice from the more experience guys about what exercises you have found that gives good length gains.

could someone please explain the abbreviations used to describe length and girth please. and also where your suppose to measure from to get the most accurate measurements. thanks for your help.

My current stats are

“6x0 Length
“5x0 Girth.

BPEL = Bone Pressed Erect Length in your case BPEL = 6.0” If you used a ruler and pressed hard against the pubic bone from the top/side of your erect penis
NBP = Non Bone Pressed is when you lay a ruler against the top/side of your erect penis without pushing hard into the pubic area.
EG = Erect Girth in your case EG = 5.0”

BPFSL = Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length

Which way did you measure?


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hi 789, thanks for replaying to my thread, I measured by just laying the ruler on top i did not press it in, but I have now just done so and measured 7” BPEL pretty cool!.

would you have any helpful advice on what exercises are best for length i am not too bothered about girth at the moment as I have read that it’s best to gain the length first and then go for the girth. But i will probably gain some girth doing other exercises anyway, my goal is “8x”6 or “9x”6.

I understand that these things take time as I do body building and not everyone can have a great body over night.

Could I ask about your experiences with gains? and maybe some things to avoid.

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