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Length Focus

Length Focus

I’m a PE newbie, and I’m looking for input on my current routine from anyone willing to contribute.

My normal routine is as follows.

5 mins warm up w/ hot washcloth
5-10 mins stretches, with a focus on downward ones, down to the left and right as well.
20-30 mins wet jelqs & v-jelqs. (Probably 200-300 quality reps)
Another stretch or two
Then 5 mins warmdown w/ hot washcloth

And I do this twice per day usually, mornings and nights

Any modifications? I have 0 goals for girth gains so even the slightest smallest gain there Id be happy with.

I really just wanna explode my length and start hitting some back walls.

Thanks for any input!

Starting stats:

6.1' NBPEL

6' EG

You do this twice a day? That’s way too much to start off if you ask me. I’d cut back significantly on your routine if I were you. I have the impression you want to go too fast. Remember that patience, consistency and dedication (obsession) are key to achieve gains.

I agree with deepwater. I think its abit much. Personally I dont like high reps of jelqs. The most I’ve done in one day is 200 spread out in 50 rep sets and that was too much for me. Now I do 100-150 in 25-50 rep sets.

Personally with stretching I believe more often is better, not more at once. You may keep the same amount overall just spread them out throughout the day.

Bpel: 7.625

Mseg: 5.125

FSL: 8.125

Hmm okay so change to 100 reps of quality jelqs per session.

I like the two sessions I do, gives me something to do right when I wake up and at nights after school and work.

Anything I should add to it?

Just got done with this modified routine, it took basically no time at all and felt really light.

Starting stats:

6.1' NBPEL

6' EG

If you want to train twice a day, do your stretches in the morning and your jelqs in the afternoon. That’s what I did as a newbie and it worked great.

YOu are in danger of really overdoing it as it is. Slow and steady wins the race.

Originally Posted by XtremeChaos
Just got done with this modified routine, it took basically no time at all and felt really light.

That’s the kind of stuff what newbies say right before they end up in the Injuries / Treatments forum. Seriously.

Couple of great articles to guide you on your PE career if you haven’t seen them already:

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Warning! If you haven’t gotten improved erections:

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200 jelqs? I can safely say those are half-assed jelqs. I have a year experience and still do 100 jelqs at most in one sitting (im talking about quality 6-8 sec reps). Take it easy man, there will come a time you will have to go that hard, just not now.

Start: 17 Feb 2012, 8.25bpel x 4.92mseg; bpfsl=??; fl=6.5x4.5

Current: 29 April 2013, 8.875bpel x 5.8mseg; bpfsl=9.25; fl=7x5

Goal: 9NBP x 6.25mseg and the best EQ ever!

Ok guys I hear ya! Its very clear to me that everyone in this thread is concerned for my well-being; and I am appreciative.

Thanks for chiming in and for all the advice.

Starting stats:

6.1' NBPEL

6' EG

One of 2 things tends to happen with an old time “lots more is lots better” approach to PE. You either break the thing of toughen it up making it more resistant to PE.

I have no doubt that some small % of guys are outliers and would benefit from that approach; but, for most it is a bad idea.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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