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length exercises

length exercises

Does anyone know any other length exercises? Because I wanted to add something to my routine or change an exercise for a different one. Also, instead of manual stretches (up, down, left, etc) can I replace it with btc stretches?

V and A stretches.
Bundled stretches.
Ruler stretch.

The V and A stretches are basically stretching it out and using your free hand to pull up or push down the shaft.

The bundled stretch is when you twist your whole shaft around, like wringing out a dowel, and pull.

The ruler stretch is pulling straight out and pushing down on the ligaments with your free hand. I may have the name wrong on this one.

The cock thickens

And BTC stretches are pulling all the way behind the cheeks in the same manner as any other manual stretch.

I believe you’re referring to the lazy ass stretch which is pulling it under you and sitting on it. This really is not an erect length booster.

Aside from those there are bathmate stretches, which is just pulling while using bathmate, hanging, where you hang weights from your deal, extenders, designed to be used many hours a day, and all day stretchers, which are meant to be used all day and are generally less intrusive to your day, but are more of a flaccid or passive aid.

Consider your sensibilities and choose what works for you.

lazy ass stretch = fowfer

Also you have tube packed pumping and static stretcher devices in addition to everything Longth said.

BTC stretches are a good option although you have to contort your body a bit to get into the correct position. I use a similar technique to hit my ligs before I hang that doesn’t involve reaching up from under the leg:

1) I lean back very far, as far as I can in whatever chair I am sitting in, almost laying down if possible.
2) I have my knees up by placing my feet on a second chair in front of me. If you can’t work the two chair setup, having your feet on the floor should be acceptable, just lean back further. The goal with the leaning and foot/knee placement is getting your pubis to face the ceiling.
3) I grasp the penis behind the head in an overhand grip. I usually grip about an inch behind the glans so I can really pull hard without having my grip ride up onto the glans.
4) I stretch straight down towards the floor.
5) I pronate my wrist on the stretching hand. That is, I rotate at the wrist so the thumb side (closest to my body) travels towards the floor and the pinky side (furthest from my body) begins to point up at the ceiling. This twisting essentially creates a V-stretch with the fulcrum at the knuckle of my index finger.
6) I can now both push down towards the floor AND pronate my wrist more to create a very powerful stretch in the ligs.

As Longth suggested, I think another good thing to add first if you want to pursue manual exercises are V-stretches and A-stretches. V-stretches for the ligs, A-stretches for the septum.


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