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Length before girth or both simultainously

Length before girth or both simultainously

I am one of the guys that LOST size from jelqing with too strong an erection/over stretching because I was trying to do too much too fast. I have taken my 3 week break and am ready to pursue PE, More slowly and gradually. I would like both length and girth, but the question arises how can I achieve both at the same time? Is it possible? Or should one try to focus on one at a time. I’m a little nervous because In my second to last PE expedition I was stretching 35-60 minutes a day for 2 months and gained nothing but a sore penis. So I’m slightly weary of stretching because I never made any gains from it independently. However that might be because I was performing advanced exercises at high forces without really having too strong a P.E background.

A year and a half ago I found a webpage called penis-enlargement 101 which required about 30-45 minutes of stretching a day and 20-30 minutes of jelqing at 60-80% erection. Along with kegels. I worked my way up to performing it rapidly, but not too fast. I did this about 5-6 days a week. After about a month I was doing the entire ranting. I gained about .35 inches in length and .15 in girth in 2 1/2 months. But this routine took a very long time, and last time I tried to replicate it I ended up hurting myself. So I’m wondering, is there something easier, that I’ll still make gains?

Lastly, my base girth is at 4.75 and my mid-shaft is at 5.0-5.1. This gets me worried slightly because I would like to have a penis that is evenly thick. And when I jelq at low erection levels it’s somewhat hard for me to force a “large volume” of blood up to the head. Is it supposed to be that way? Anyone know how I can even out my girth? And should I do that before I gain length?

But as for non-stressful news and maybe support for others. I found this pretty girl, she likes my penis even if it is only 6.75EL/ 5.0MS. She said that even if my penis was 2 inches she’d still like me the same.I dunno about that but.. Hehe.. What I’m trying to say is it’s not impossible to find a woman that prefers confidence over size. And one more thing, long term effects of amphetamines on penis size? N E one know? Because My doctors trying to put on that stuff again, and yeah it helps with my life, but I stopped it because when I take it it feels like I have a little icicle in my pants when I take it. But I took it all my life up until I was 15 or 16, so about that I’m somewhat clueless on long term effects.

Good Luck to everyone.

P.S. Today was my first day back, my workout consisted of 5-8 minutes of stretching, hot wraps before and after, and about 10 minutes jelqing at 60-75% Erection strength.

Do a search for “newbie routine”. Best wishes :) .

I have been wondering the same thing Dan.

The newbie routine is definitely a good starting point, marinera’s right. But I think what you mean is what level of erection should be used when jelqing?

From what I’ve gathered everyone says to jelq at 40-50% to target length, and 60-80% to target girth.

The question to ask is if you’re doing the newbie routine, then can you do half your jelqs at a lower erection level, and the other half at a higher level?

Would like an opinion as to whether or not you can target both in one workout.

I was actually just reading about TGC theory. Correct me if I’m wrong but it states that girth exercises target your smooth muscle, your inner “tube” and length exercises target your tunica, your outer tube. What if, after gaining with a basic routine, you targeted your smooth muscle until it becomes your limiting factor (read TGC) then switched to tunica work, until it becomes your limiting factor. Switching when you cannot gain.

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