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Length and soft penis

Length and soft penis

Hello, I start to training PE about 4 months ago, And I have now 6.2 inches erect length and 6 inches erect girth.
I don’t remember what was my EL and EG when I start practise PE.
I wasn’t sure how I had to measure my EG, so I just measure that middle of the my penis.

And now the actual question: How I can practise my EL ? What is the best practise to increase the length?

And other question: When I have an erection, my penis is not that hard, and my glans is soft, so how I can practise my hardness? Is that EQ or something? Did this LOT relate somehow to my penis hardness?

And I have goals too : I try to get my EL to the 7 inches and EG to the 6.5 inches

I hope that you understand me and someone can help me : )

Hi Moi. What PE exercises have you done? What was your starting erect length?

Yes EQ is pretty much having an hard erect penis.

I do that newbie routine, and I think my starting erect length was 5.9 inches or something like that.

And How I can practice my EQ? I would like that the my penis should be hard like a rock, not loose like worm : D
But I have good days too, sometimes it is hard, and sometimes loose.

And I’m scared about Jelqing, can jelqing do that why I don’t have Hard penis?

Well, let me understand : you had hard erections before starting PE? Your erections became softer after starting PE?

Yeah, I had hard erection before I start PE. But now I’m started to do kegels if that help to my problem

Ok, no panic! :) You problem is overwork : you are doing too much PE - too often &/or too long &/or too much force applied. Take some day of rest and everything will be ok. Kegel’ can help, but don’t overdo them either.

I think when I jelq I do too much strokes, I do every time about 200-300 strokes.

I have to rest couple day, I think that will help.

Sure, take how many days you need. If you think 250 strokes are too much for you, do less. Remeber, underwork is always better than overwork.

Yes, you are overworking. Some guys do better with less. When I was a newbie, 250 jelqs made my penis very tired. With 90 jelqs I grew.

Maybe try this lighter newbie routine:

NEW newbie + advanced routine


Read these two articles, they are very helpful for knowing if you have done too much.

Warning! If you haven’t gotten improved erections:

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Thanks for these two articles, they helped me a lot.

Hello! My erection is now much better than week ago : ) Now I can start to do PE again : )

And now I remember that I don’t overwork.


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