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Length and girth training

Length and girth training

So I am fairly new to PE, I would say since may first purchase was a bath mate X 30 I have been using this periodically more on then off since then. My question is I have been doing a lot of research and reading up on PE. I also have bought a stretcher, that I have been using since October. In all of the forms I have read that jelqing increases length and girth at the same time. So my question is if this is true and I want to game length, should I just worry about length and girth because I also have bought a cable clamp and I would like to put it into use but only if its not going to hinder my length gains. Any help would be greatly appreciated


I meant to say should I just worry about length and not girth at all until after I have reached my length gaines I want then move on to working on girth or can I work about both at the same time

Also I did not by a stretcher I bought an exteneder bear with me you all I am new to post usually I just read and don’t have much to say. But it’s time I take this to PE training seriously

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