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Length and Girth in one routine

Length and Girth in one routine

Hi guys,

Was wondering if it is possible to train length and girth at the same time. Like a routine involving manual stretches and Sadsak slinks. I know there is a lot of different opinions circulating on this subject, was just hoping to find an opinion for doing both of these specific exercises in the same routine.


Yes, and it is called the newbie routine.
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Sadsak slinkies are not something that a n00b should mess with. They are very much high risk PE requiring many months time in to have any chance of not breaking your penis by doing them. They are also not some super-secret, epic-level method, that magically gives you more gains than plebeian PE.

Here is a link for future reference in case you decide to skip the newbie routine and do high risk PE.
Injuries / Treatments

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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Thanks for the reply back, yes I’m for sure still a noob however I have been doing the newbie routine for a little over 6 months now and was looking for suggestions regarding said exercises.

Thanks again

I’ve been doing the noobie routine for two months now, and have seen no discernible erect gains. However, my EQ and flacid length have improved. I think I may need to focus on stretching the tunica, but I really want girth. So I need to do both, but I don’t feel the noobie routine does’t quite do enough. So, I don’t see any harm in incorporating other exercises at light loads. For instance, I’m going to start incorporating a manual girth exercise, and possibly some light ADS.

Originally Posted by fredjohnson13
I have been doing the newbie routine for a little over 6 months now

Well, you certainly have the time in to start trying more “advanced” PE methods. Just remember that their is no reason to mess with such unless the basics are not delivering.

Post your routine and history and the guys will be more able to give you helpful advice.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

It really depends on your goals, I am doing a length/girth in one routine after already gaining length first. I’ve always seen the newbie stretching and jelqing routine as a length/girth routine and some gain in both departments so I don’t see why one couldn’t do both with more advanced exercises once conditioned and still gain. Obviously more importantly is the common sense factor, no matter the exercise start easy and slowly build up. Someone here that has done advanced length/girth for longer maybe able to share there experience.

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