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Lenght question

Lenght question

I want to stop jelq since i injury myself for overtrain (vein issue) , i will aim for adding lenght first for at least 6 months or even 1 year if things goes well , i want to know what do you think about and i want to also know if stretching is less demanding or less invasive. Thanks

Quite honestly, I would say that it’s the complete opposite: jelqing is less stressful than stretching. It could just be my personal approach to it, though.

............Now ---->>> Later

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Looking to complete that elusive 1/4-inch

do u think im ready for stretching after 7 hardcore months of jelq haha

Originally Posted by Wintergates
do u think im ready for stretching after 7 hardcore months of jelq haha

Yes you are ready. I only stretch without jelqs.

Just focus on downward stretching and try to use the V grip. Time under tension is the most important thing not the force you apply. Hold your penis stretched and dont pull with more strength.

You will may experience periods of low EQ after stretching sessions, but its a process necessary for gainz.

i like what u say low instensitiy - high duration am i wrong ? can i stretch erect or 90% ? can i twist my penis in clock motion while stretching it out ? Thanks :D

Originally Posted by Wintergates
i like what u say low instensitiy - high duration am i wrong ? can i stretch erect or 90% ? can i twist my penis in clock motion while stretching it out ? Thanks :D

Right. More force=harder tunica, more time= longer tunica.

You cant stretch with an erection. The blood inside the penis fights the lengthwise expansion and the penis can be stretched less. Also the tunica during an erection is more sensitive to stress and less elastic, so doing exercises when erect can lead to Penile Rupture.

So you want to stretch as flaccid as possible for effectiveness and safety.

I fap almost every night , what do u recommend me then , stick to jelq ? i dont like to do flaccid work , which other options do i have i wont quit porn for sure

or maybe i can stretch semi-erect ? lets say at 60-70% ? i really love to masturbate

Man I’ve read your other post.

First of all, let your thrombosed vein heal before resuming PE. You don’t need to stop jelqing, you just need to take a couple weeks off. I think regular decon breaks a good thing too, but that’s a different topic.

Next - why limit yourself to one or the other of stretching and jelqing? Do both and get the best of both worlds. Get an IR heat lamp, and do your jelqs for a while. When your erection subsides do stretches for a while. Then get erect again and do jelqs. Keep alternating until your workout is done. Turn the porn off if necessary during the stretching phases. Ideally you want to be 50% or lower erection for stretching. I think the 60-70% that you mention is about the highest level you would want to stretch at. Above that, it doesn’t do much.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

I read around internet that jelquing is overall an excellent tecquique that increases lenght and girth at the same time progressively , how correct is this , can i really get lenght by only jelquing it looks like jelquing is the king of PE , well i did it for 7 months and besides the vein issue which really was a big warning for me i have to say i love jelquing.

Can i warm up with my penis reposing in hot water and how many minutes do i need to start jelquing

Also , do u think if i do a bit of slow jelqs can help for the blood trapped in the vein or “dont even try it”

Thanks for your support.

It sounds like jelqs are king for you. To each his own. You found a method you love, and it does indeed work both length and girth. As you continue PE time will tell how it affects you. Some people gain only one or the other from jelqing, some people gain both. Some of it depends on technique, some is just natural disposition.

Hot water is a good warm up. So is edging. A good warm up time is 5 minutes. Infra Red (IR) heat lamp is the best form of heat, and you can make your own out of an infra-red bulb and a “clamp lamp” like this one for about $10 - $15.…/01/RLG-6MC.jpg

Don’t do any jelqs while the vein heals. It takes a couple weeks to go away on its own. It’s not that long to wait. Just massage the vein with heat during that time.

They say PE is a marathon not a sprint for a reason. A couple weeks off to let a vein heal is nothing in the big picture. But if you don’t let things heal and it becomes chronic it can require months or even longer off. I’m experiencing this right now from discoloration. I could have taken some time off and re-assessed the situation. Instead I kept going for another month, and now I’ve taken nearly 3 months off, and probably have another 3 more months off to go before I can PE again.

So my advice is “don’t even try it.”

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Now i understand why warm ups and downs are so important , i will never jelq without warming up and down again for sure , thanks for your knowledge

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