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Lenght gain routine

Originally Posted by Bird2
Length routine:

7x3 min regular stretching
2x3 min invented v stretching
2x3 min two way stretch
4x15 JAI stretches
10 min low intensity (20-40% erection) jelqing

Hi Bird, I’ll be starting this routine in about a month and I have a few more questions for you.

1. Do you use any grip aids when stretching, such as baby powder or a strip of cotton?

2. By “inverted v” do you mean hooking a finger around the bottom of the shaft and pulling upward?

3. For the inverted v stretches again, do you always apply tension at the midpoint of the shaft, or do you move the point closer to the base or closer to the head?


What does it means isometric exercises.. How do I do it? And for length gains is it better doing 20-40% erection jelqing or we could do it at 70% with no problems?


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