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Legit or not Need Some Feedback Pls

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Are the gains questionable because of the placement of the measuring tape??




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Legit or not Need Some Feedback Pls

So I am a month into PE and I just posted my new measurements a few days ago and I got a couple of guys telling me that my measurements arent legit because of the placement of the measuring tape I guess, I really don’t know because it may look like the measuring tape is in a different spot but in reality its only slightly to the right on the second picture. Tell me what you guys think, does it look like I’m cheating or what?

Starting Measurement.jpg

Looks fine to me man.good starting pics to judge future gains.

Starting (2008): BPEL-6.5" EG-5"

Current: BPEL-7.6" Mid girth- 5.25" Base girth- 5.5"

Goal: BPEL-8" Mid girth- 6"

This is precisely why most of us would advocate using bone-pressed measurements. Too much room for error (unwitting or not) otherwise. And I don’t think anyone thinks you’re “cheating”. Just maybe not as accurate as you might be with BP measurements.

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I’d agree, its not that your cheating but your not being consistent on how your measuring. Get a ruler, you will have more accurate measurements by jamming it into pubic bone. From what I could tell tho, it looks like you gained 1/8-1/4 inch. That being said, Congrats!!! Keep up the hard work.

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