Left shaft larger then right?

Started doing bundled jelqs earlier this year where I would rotate my member 90 degrees left and right and begin standard 2 handed compressors, one hand around the base, one around approximately the foreskin cut-line.

90-95% of the time I have my left hand around my base and my right around the glands or foreskin when doing compressors or other squeezes, I took notice that after doing the bundled jelqs for some months my member began leaning off towards the right about 5 degrees, and one day noticed my left shaft/chamber was larger than the right. Could this be because of my preference to always have my left hand around the base and right hand around the glands when doing these particular exercises?

I learned as a newbie to alternate hands while performing standard jelqs to even keel, I am wondering if the way I am doing my bundled jelqs and other exercises with the same hand placement without alternating the grip that I am targeting one side of my member much more just by the nature of that grip alone?

Logically when I realized my left shaft was bigger by looking down on it from a vertical angle that this increased blood flow into the left side of my member was causing it deviate to the left.

Anybody had a similar issue with Imbalance?