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Left Bend - summary

Left Bend - summary


I’ve been checking a lot of the posts on curves and bends.

I have a curve/bend to the left, which I find very annoying :(

I have no problems with erections - except for ugly look of the curve.
The bend starts somewhere around the mid-shaft and turns to the left in about 30*.
In addition to this my little fellow points slightly to the left from the bottom of the shaft.

I believe that I have the curve because the left CC is smaller.

The latter problem, that he points to the left, has probably something to do with
The ligaments - the left is stronger than the right. (It’s harder to stretch to the right than it is to the left.)

The latter problem can probably be solved by stretching the ligaments :)

Though the curve is the one that I need some help with.

This is what I have collected from other posts:

- Stretching against the curve in flaccid state, which stretches the ligaments and maybe helps cure the curve.

- Jelqing against the curve and applying pressure on the inner side of the curve - So I should jelq to the right
And applying pressure on the left side of my little fellow? Should I use the right hand then, since it’s easier to
Apply pressure on the left side with a right-handed OK sign?

- Bending against the curve in erect state, VERY CAUTIOUSLY - so I should bend it very slightly to the right?
(Probably will stay away from this)

- Pumping with a tube slightly smaller than your erect girth size.

The one I’m mostly interested in is the jelq technique, is what I wrote down absolutely CORRECT? Or have I misunderstood something?
I don’t think I have the disease, just that the left CC is less developed than the right one - so applying more pressure on the left should
Fix this right?

Thanks, hoping for some replies!


I’m in the same situation as you with the same type of curve as you. I’m still trying to figure out what actually works, what doesn’t, and what can make it even worse. In addition to what you have summarized here, I’m wondering if these o-bends could work if done to the right all the time.

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