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Layout for WIKI / FAQ's = confusing

Layout for WIKI / FAQ's = confusing

Sorry to critisize thunder - no harm intended.

I have a hell of a time figuring these two out.
I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but if I go into the WIKI then click FAQ it’s like it’s brought up an FAQ for the WIKI - if I click FAQ under the forums it appears to be a different FAQ?

Perhaps it’s me using Firefox instead of IE.

Anyhow- I’m trying to find the section of the FAQ with all the acronym definitions in it :( - I’ve found it before but for the life of me I can’t now.

Does anyone know the exact link?

Ok I found it and I can explain why it’s confusing.

From the Forum if I click FAQ I get this.

I have to click “New to PE

Then the first link is “” - the Official PE FAQ
I figured that would be the FAQ which would come up when I just hit the normal FAQ button when in the forums?

Anyhow - just thought I’d let people know, this is the second time I’ve had trouble finding the acronym list.


If I go into the Wiki then click FAQ I get this.

So the FAQ goes to 2 different places, depending on where you are.

I agree it’s not obvious.

It should become more obvious soon.

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