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Laying in bed and stretching-jelqing.

Laying in bed and stretching-jelqing.

I didn’t realize this today, but I saw some of the videos and some forum posts where people stated that they were stretching & jelqing while sitting &/or standing. Since this past week, I do both of these exercises in my bed while I’m watching some TV to pass by time. I look at the time on my laptop and usually set both activities for 15 minutes each.

Anybody know if there is any negative impacts to this? Not with respect to injury, but in terms of gains. Also, couldn’t find much on my search - but do many of yo prefer doing the overhand ok grip, when jelqing compared to the standard ok?

I do it lying down too. Never done me no harm and I gained. :)

Sometimes I stand, sometimes sit, sometimes lay down. Depends where I am at the time. Standing lets you lock your arms and use legs for motive force. Seated is good for semi ‘between the cheeks’ angles. All work OK.

I use an overhand grip mostly.

Laying in bed, standing in the shower, sitting at a desk ~ does it really matter as long as you keep on doing it!

Keep it up DOCTOR!

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