Latest routine. Length > girth

This is what I’m building up to over the next month after a buttload of deliberation.

5 hours of above normal tension stretching with 50 cock ring jelqs every half hour. Makes things more elastic and dialated. Also helps my head reset after the vac extender.

5 hours of light tension with 20 minutes cock ring edging every hour for the same reason. Also helps girth pretty nicely.

Then a 15 minute bathmate session for a warm down. Then wear a loose cock ring to keep the pump as much as possible.

That’s 2 on, 1 off, 3 on, 1 off. I figure on doing an extra edging session each day before off days. Probably a solid hour and a half using a ring in 15 minutes intervals with regular edging for at least five minutes in between.

Off days will just be 10 hours of light tension and the warm down and using the loose ring while inactive.

After 3 months of this routine at strength, I will be trying the higher tension stretching bundled for another 3 months. Then I’ll be doing a very light, in comparison, routine for the sake of cementing any gains. Measuring every four weeks.

I’m taking my time in building up to this as the vac extender is a bit more intense than I expected. I’m also paying close attention to pi’s while I build up so I don’t rip my frenulum or anything.

But mostly just typing it all out so I can get it out of my head. I really hope this works out and my canary mentality works out like it did for girth. Really a little excited to get started on length finally.

Wish me luck.

The cock thickens