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lasting as a goal

lasting as a goal

I am brand new to this discipline but have been reading about it for several months now. I’m actually comfortable with the size of my dick for the most part, but with the resources available here i will no doubt try to make some improvements there. my problem is in the stamina department. let’s just say that my handle is a goal of sorts. I think sometimes i can almost hear my girlfriend’s heart break when i’m done in 30 seconds. It makes you feel worthless. From everything i’ve read so far in the posts of this awesome website and elsewhere as well, it seems that pc excercises are the answer. I’m hoping to hear from people that have had the same problem. Do the pc excercises really give you control over when you cum and when you don’t?, and if so, what exercise routines have you guys used? how long did it take before you had noticeable results? i’ve looked through these posts for quite some time with no luck, but if i’ve overlooked information directly on this topic please enlighten me. I think any information will be helpful.

Hey mtam, great handle!

Welcome to the board, I am sure that with your serious attitude you will reach your goal to last longer soon.

Actually the principle is simple:you exercise your PC muscle to make it stronger and get good control on it. Then you practice on your own while masturbating: get to the point where you almost climax, stop and squeeze the PC muscle. Aply with a partner when you feel ready.

Good luck

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Check this book “How to Make Love All Night (and Drive a Woman Wild)” by by Dr. Barbara Keesling (you can actually donwload it from some file sharing program if you want but I think it is not too expensive to buy). I have read that book before comming here so met Kegel’s a while a go. You will not only be able to control yourself but also be able to have an orgasm without ejaculating if you want. Kegel’s will definately improve your sex life.

Kegels have made a big difference in my sex life I think.

I started them about a year ago and do them throughout the day when I remember.

Try it-it’ll help!

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