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Last question about this

Last question about this

I know I’ve asked about this before but let’s say that I contiue doing my wet jelqs for 33 min like I’ve always done. Then how can I possobly know if I’m hurting myself or not? I feel just fine, I examen it efter every session and it looks fine, I get good gain but I’m only been doing it for about 2 1/2 weeks.. Can I continue with my regular (33 min) workout until I see ANY signs that it might be too much..

I just don’t know what to look out for! And YES I’ve looked in the injury forum-part and I can’t really find anything helpful regarding THIS question..


33 minute jelqing, very precise! I shouldn’t worry if I were you, if you’re checking yourself over regularly and all seems fine then why worry? Gains, good- no pain, good - what’s not to like? What are your stats by the way? With jelqing I suppose there’s the blood spots on the glans and stretch marks that go away after a day or two, possibly discoloration in the long term?

If you’re not injuring yourself and getting good gains then praise the lord! No need to see how much punishment your tallywhacker can take if the gains are there?

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Hehe yeah that’s what I wanted to hear!

Another do I add an avatar? In the “edit avatar” menu there”s just a note that says “no avatar is specified” or something and there is like NO alternatives at all :/

Help me because I just made a simple PE avatar for me to use

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Hey supper,

Why are you so worried about it? Havs something happened to give you the impression you may have an injury? I know we do stress being careful here, but don’t get paranoid. You will know if something is wrong. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine. Don’t stress yourself out over it. :leftie:


You need 20 posts and 2 weeks membership to qualify for an avatar. You just hit the 20 post mark, but you need a few more days. Then you just upload it from your desktop using the choose file option in the edit avatar menu.


Have you considered taking advantage of the Thundersplace mentor program? It might be beneficial for you to help answer some of your questions. :)

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