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Last night


Last night

Last night my other half told that he noticed I was harder fatter and longer knowing I’m doing PE he said that there was no way he was going to let me overtake him so he’s starting too.

Being gay there was always someone to compare to and as he was bigger I always wanted more after gaining 1.5 cm in 3 weeks (on the newbie ) and using the jes extender there is now not much in it. Yay

Nice gains congratulations.

Thanks I’m so motivated now bit of competition with him at home.

Heh, It’s good that he’s really supportive too :D None of that “I like you the way you are, don’t do it” crap. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good when someone doesn’t care about size. But most of us aren’t really doing this for anyone else but ourselves :D

Nice gains, keep up the good work! :D

Second Attempt:

Starting [July 19th, 2013]: BPEL: 6.00" MSEG: 4.50" BPFL: 4.00" FG: 4.00"

Goal: BPEL: 7.00" MSEG: 5.5" FL: 4.00"

Thanks and at the beginnings I did get all that crap but as he saw it was working and I feel more confidant he now wants in.

Heh, tell him I said Welcome to the Dark Side :D

Well.. The Good Dark Side.. That doesn’t really apply here.. :S

Welcome to the rest of your life? :D

Yeah! That’ll do. :S

Tell Him I said that..

Better yet, make up something cool and.. Tell him I said it.


Second Attempt:

Starting [July 19th, 2013]: BPEL: 6.00" MSEG: 4.50" BPFL: 4.00" FG: 4.00"

Goal: BPEL: 7.00" MSEG: 5.5" FL: 4.00"

Will do .

Great gains man, would you mind stating your routine?

Well I work 3 12 hour shifts a week so I only use jes on days off so 4 times a week and only for an hour in mornings then I do the newbie routine 2 on 1 off .

Not that much to it really.

Oh I swim 2 x a week and eat healthy also take vit e every other day.

Congrats on the gains and the support! Hope to hear more about the “competition” later on!

Well he says he will do it but I’m not to sure:)

I think that PE is like 75% nutrition, had better gains when I used l-arginine/ornithine.

Good luck man, hope the gaining rate will stay the same.

So do I .but I think that that was so good for three weeks work that there might not be that much more but ill keep going.

Having you growth rate for two months, then I wouldn’t mind it to drop to 0.5 cm per year for all I care. :)

So are you gaining?

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