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Laser/electrolysis hair removal on the penis.

Laser/electrolysis hair removal on the penis.

On a site where the members take great pride in their penises, I’m hoping I might get some feedback about laser hair removal or electrolysis on this part of the body.

I have hair growing between a quarter and half way up my penis from the base. My hair in general (head, arms, etc.) isn’t very thick at all, so the pubis hairs aren’t that thick either and are quite sparse. It is worse on the underside of the penis than the topside, but both are pretty annoying.

The main problem with this, is that pretty much all of these hairs have bumps under the skin, which is pretty unsightly.

After all of that blathering on, my questions are to anyone who has had one of these procedures done:

1) How many sessions did it take?
2) Did it result in any form of scarring?
3) Did it remove the sebaceous bumps I mentioned earlier in the thread?
4) Was it at all painful?

Thank you to anyone who replies to this thread, whether they have first hand experience or not.

P.S. I will be going to consult an urologist and a dermatologist soon.



Bump… Like he said. Sorry………

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Your best bet is to go to Hair Facts, a website that specializes in hair removal issues, and/or it’s forum Hair Tell and ask there.

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