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Largest documented length, According to.

Largest documented length, According to.

Wikipedia. “The longest officially documented human penis was found by Doctor Robert Latou Dickinson. It was 34.3 cm (13.5 in) long and 15.9 cm (6.26 in) around.[43]”. By Dr. Dickinson, no less. I almost wonder if this is a joke. Sounds a bit skinny for being so long. We have guys here on this site who have wider penis’s. Here is a link to the complete Wikipedia entry on the human penis.

Given that the statement is in regard to the longest penis, I’m guessing that the girth measurement was included to give an idea of overall size. It isn’t claiming that it was both the longest and the thickest. Also, 6.26 in girth isn’t skinny regardless of length.

Starting measurements May 31,2012 BPEL:6.4" MSEG:6.25" Base Girth 6.9" My pics

Short term goal---------------------BPEL: 7" MSEG:6.25"

My thread on the downsides of big girth: Big Girth - The Downside

That Jonah Falcon guy is supposed to be the largest according to Guinness and all the TV shows he has been on. That sounds like his length but he said his girth is about 8 inches.

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