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Large, hard lump at base of shaft after manuals

Large, hard lump at base of shaft after manuals

Hey, I’ve been doing PE for a while on and off, and I’m in an “on” session right now, been PEing for about a month right now

A few days ago a lump appeared at the very base of my penis (where happy trail leads, I suppose), right where there are those ligaments where the penis meets the body. Its a large, mostly painless bump under the skin that appears to be right on top of one of the ligaments on the right. I’m concerned because its been 3 days now and it’s no smaller, although its also no bigger

Do I have reason for concern? How long do you think I should wait before I get medical advise?


Difficult to say what it might be without palpating it. If it is not changing size or shape and is not painful, it is probably safe to leave it a little while longer to see if it goes down. If there was no painful event in your PE that you think may have caused it, it could be something as simple as deep irritation in a hair folicle, which may take a few days to settle.

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It could be a cyst caused by an ingrown hair or an irritation in the follicle as firegoat said. If this is the case, it may require medical attention, depending on the seriousness of it. You can search online for advice and possible home remedies you can try for this also.

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