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Ladies I need your help on penis soze


Ladies I need your help on penis soze

Hello, I firstly wanna say that I enjoy your website and it is informative but I really need to get a lot of stuff off my chest . About two years ago is when all my anxiety attacks, sucidal thoughts and depression came into my life. Two years ago I was 17 and I am now 19 years old. While I was 17 and basically done with puberty I measured my penis and became a little worried about it.

So what I did was I started researching stuff and came across that the average penis size is between 6-7 inchs which I believe cause that’s where most guys range. I also came across many websites about girls saying that size matters and if your below 6 inchs you are getting into the small area and won’t perform very well. They also would talk about there sexual experiences with small guys and wound say like how small he was or how she laughed at him and all this stuff. So when I realized that I started to know I was small I started to post pictures of penis on yahoo answers and explain my information and when I did this I would get answers non stop about how small I was or how I should never show it again or how I below average. I also got tiny penis and just really nasty stuff so that’s when I became like crazy and started to masterbate none stop and measure myself none stop.

It got to the point in my life that I hit the ultimate depression and just felt very un manly and couldn’t enjoy life anymore. I stayed in my house everyday and barley did anything cause I was so depressed. So then I turned 18 and started to date this one girl who was a virgin. She helped me through my pain of my penis size and we started to have sex and it all went good and she would always tell me how perfect my size was. All my depression and pain went away while dating her until we broke up which was about a month ago. Now that she is gone everything is coming back to me and I’m crazy depress. My ex girlfriend only thought I was good size cause she was a virgin and never seen one before but now that she is gone I have nothing. I’m terrified of everything again and I’m looking stuff up again and becoming afraid of rulers. I’m scared of dating a girl who isn’t a virgin cause I don’t I wanna feel like competion and being compared too. I wanna go back into my relationship with my ex only for the reason that she made me feel like a man but I don’t wanna go back in for the reason that if I wanted to be happy for other reasons I had to break up which I did but its just my penis size and loneliness that is killing me and insecurties. I’ve heard that when a girl says your penis is good and fine or perfect it really means that your small and she doesn’t wanna hurt your feelings. Everything now a days is based on sex and having to have a big penis in this world or get laughed at. I’m done growing too. I hit puberty at a very early age and have been done growing for years now.

So I’m not expecting anymore growth so don’t say it can still grow. I don’t know what the true average anymore but all I do know is anything 6 is supposly small :( . I know there are girls out there who like small guys but that doesnt make me feel better. Just makes me feel worse. I can go on and on but ill stop. If anyone can email me to talk and help me through this then please email me at email removed. Here are some photos.

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I honestly don’t know what size I am anymore or if I’m measuring right anymore. I’m not sure if bone pressing is good anymore. I’m a mess. I might have OCD. I don’t know. Everything I do I feel like I need a big penis to do. I’m afraid that I have to date an ugly girl for them to like my penis size. My cousin is 7 inchs which makes me feel like crap too. I also came across this website that really screwed me up but it was the truth

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People who would make fun of you for your penis size are the same as people who would make fun of you for being uncircumcised. Shallow and not worth your fucking time.

I don’t have a big penis by any means, and I know for a fact that some of my friends are packing alot more than I am. It shouldn’t bother you to the extent that you depress yourself and become suicidal, you should continue living life and having fun and do the things and activities that make you happy.

Just show the good sides of your personality, and focus on enjoying the non-penis related aspects of life. The women will be attracted to your personality when they meet you, not the dick that they will have to wait to see.

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6' EG

But is my dick small?

Average is 5.9x4.9”s.

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Originally Posted by Italian2147
So what I did was I started researching stuff and came across that the average penis size is between 6-7 inchs which I believe cause that’s where most guys range.

So where did you get this information? That information is not true my friend. That size range is on the way to big. 7 inches is big anything after that is getting in the huge range.
We have a lot of insecurities and penis size is one of them. I have been here for a while and I have read may threads like this one. Relax sir and do not let your world revolve around your penis.
Enjoy life. We are here for you and to help you be successful, but you need to want to be successful with your goals. Pick a realistic goal, not to big, lets say a quarter of an inch at a time. Reach it and
set another goal. If you have a good personality and are a great nice down to earth guy, then your penis is 10 inches no matter what size it is.

Good Luck,

But I’m small

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Hey Italian,

Post your pics in the Member Pics forum as attachments.

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I can’t cause I’m not a member

Why does it say New Member under your user name then? Oh and you can post and have a user name, which are clear indications that you are a member (along with the fact that you registered).

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

How do I post pictures? I can’t find it


I am going to give you mental advice, take it or leave it. Dick size is more and more mental now a days than anything else. You think your self small and in turn act that way. You tell yourself you are small and you will be. If you follow along this self fulfilling prophecy you are going to continue hating yourself. People around you will re act to you differently because of it. Yes people can tell when you have no confidence in yourself, they may not know what the reason is but they can tell.

I have a dick that is 5” NBP x 4 ” in girth. I think I am huge, so I act huge. I tell myself I am huge, so my persona represents this. I don’t brag to people about my size, or pretend that I have something I don’t. I tell myself I am big and I will be big.

Dick size is almost about confidence. People think they need to be huge to have confidence that is not true. You think this way too, change it.

I can guarantee you that all the super rich, super intelligent, super successful, super powerful people in the world are not all walking around with 7 inch cocks. It just isn’t happening.

This site requires a large minimum post count in order for you to be able to post in the “main member” section, which is fucking stupid.

Memento means you should post your pics as in the “Member pics” section, scroll wayyy down to the bottom past all the spanish stuff.

Starting stats:

6.1' NBPEL

6' EG

>How do I post pictures? I can’t find it<

Go to the Member Pics forum as described by XtremeChaos. Click on the New Thread, write a description, click on Manage Attachments, browse to file (repeat last bit up to 4 times).

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

I can’t find it on my phone

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