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Strange. I can but I use Android and Firefox.

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Originally Posted by XtremeChaos
This site requires a large minimum post count in order for you to be able to post in the “main member” section, which is fucking stupid.

Really? I’m thinking it keeps the number of this type of posts to a minimum.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Really? I’m thinking it keeps the number of this type of posts to a minimum.

Haha, took the words out of my mouth right there.

It is all about confidence

It is not about the actual size of the penis. No girl will go check out penises all the time and try to find the biggest one. That’s too unlady like. Can you imagine guys doing the same, checking out girl’s vagina, trying to find the prettiest vagina? Your depression is serious. You need professional help. Your size is pretty average. You are not small. Size isn’t the everything. Color and shape are also important. I am gay and I just saw the cutest penis. It is not big but it has the prettiest color and the shape is just perfect. (The model is also super hot.)

I recommend you to seek professional help. I have friends bigger than me but I have the whole package. No one will sleep with a guy with big dick with no self esteem.


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