Don’t worry man, I wasn’t planning on using three condoms at a time and only having sex 61 times. That would be too expensive, those things cost a mint. ;)

But seriously, you are right, never use more than one, the buggers’ll stick to each other and will rip, plus it wouldn’t be comfy and would be a bugger to get on.

My point was really to demonstrate that the statistics don’t really mean anything. I was just playing with them. Maybe I didn’t take it far enough and should have overdone the silliness to emphasise the point.

The stats vary so much from one survey to another that it is difficult to really use any exact figures. One site I saw:
suggested that condoms have a 14-16% failure rate, meaning that 3 in 20 will get pregnant if just using condoms, although this doesn’t give a timescale. I think that this sort of figure is far too high, but then what do I know. It’s a scientific study, I don’t think they just made the data up. I just repeat my thanks to my girlfriend and the pill.