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Lack of Libido

Lack of Libido

I’m a 25y old male, always healthy as far as I can remember of, since two three months ago, I’ve started to loose interest in sex , in general not even watching porn , or spank the monkey for weeks in a row, I would usually get it on a wood state just by having sexual toughts, now that´s impossible, I can even start to watch a porn flick and dosent have any effect in me.

Meanwhile I got a new girlfriend, and when I’m with her, I can still have erections but they don’t last long and unless I focusse really hard I loose it really quickly, and sex is becoming frustrating. I’m really worried what the fuck is happening with me ? Any guidance? Thanks

Maybe it would be wise to have your testosterone levels checked.

Are there factors like stress and exhaustion that you think are having an impact on your sex drive?

Get some sleep. I think I realized why we do not last as long when you have a low libido. You are probably kegeling in order to try to get it harder, however for me this strains the muscle making me last long.

Anyway, Get some sleep if you stressed and cannot get some “Melatonin” at your local vitamin store, exercise, don’t have sex, don’t watch porn, drink about 1028318881 glasses of water a day, and do some jelqing, and incorporate some L-Arginine.

For me when I would run or workout really well, (mostly cardio), my libido was way up. Lifting not so much.

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I couldn’t get it up one time in my relationship.. Because my gf was grinding on me and teasing me for like three hours than we went to do it and I couldn’t get it up (I also masturbated that day). If it’s not overworked, than I suggest drinking lots of water.

Guys I lost my libido to but what is more strange is that my erection are fine, better than never, my girlfriend give me a deep kiss and I am in a wood state, but no tease, very very strange!! Could be testosterone?

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