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L.a. pump

I just got here too, but these fellas won’t really consider your questions stupid, I found out, they are very helpful and encouraging..


Ok I got my pump but when I tried to use it I could pump up to whatever pressure but the pressure is lost when I stop pumping.I know the seal is tight enough and I tightened the female coupler clockwise what could it be? Damn I’m a idiot

Hey Newguy: My guess is that you are losing pressure at the base of the cylinder. Avocet8 says to shave your pubes where the cylinder fits. I haven’t done that but find that I can maintain pretty much constant pressure in the cylinder dabbing vitamin E cream that I buy at Walmart on the bottom of the cylinder flange and smearing it around the bottom of the cylinder flange. I believe the vitamin E cream helps to form a seal betweeen the cylinder flange and the abdomen. Keep experimenting. AND. DONT GET CARRIED AWAY WITH PRESSURE. Pump at no more than 4 to 6. Good luck.

It happened to me too with my lapdist pump. It turned out to be the case as Thunder mention. The hose wasn’t well sealed. And sometimes be careful when you washed the cylinder. some water might go to the pump.

With Lapdist, I was worried when I ordered from them. They didn’t mail me to send when the product would be delivered. After 2 weeks I contacted them by mail then by phone, no reply just answering machine. But the product was delivered to me in France. Discreet.

I connected the hose firmly, it snaps on and I could hear it. I also tried putting the tube against somewhere flat like my stomach and pumped, it still loses pressure as soon as I stop pumping It loses pressure quickly

Ok I think I didnt tighten the female tight enough I got it working now.Sorry.embarrassing

In addition to the O-ring that goes on the female fitting in the top of the cylinder, I wrap the threads of the fitting with plumbers teflon tape and then screw it in for an airtight seal. You might what to try that.

There is also a pressure relief button on the bottom of the pump housing. Make sure it is not stuck open somehow.

Inspect the tubing closely for cracks or cuts.

I just called you a couple of names, but besides that, the teflon tape is still a good idea.

Have fun and take it easy. :)

The thing is, tightening the connector always seems to solve the problem.

For those in the UK/Europe,
I got my pump from Body Images Ltd.

everything is wrapped discreetly, and I have had no treouble with mine. It is usable with water pumping. although the pumping action is a little slower than air. The cost is about £100.00. It comes with a pump, and 2” tube. which I have now grown out of and use a 3”, - And boy, Dores the unit swell up!.

You may find the items and extra tubes slightly cheaper at (I believe) Johnny Horn (Do a web search)

It’s always worth wetting the base of your dick before using as this does help the vacuum seal, or any of the vegetable oils such as almond, or wheatgerm oil can be used. I also had trouble with the vacuum until I tightened the velve at the top of the tube

Hope that helps


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The guys name at LA Pump Dist. is Charles. He will stand by his products 100%. My first pump did not zero out relative to the needle on the pumping dial. He replace it immmeidiately. Again, some type of lube on your abdomen and on the bottom of the cylinder flange is a good idea for a good seal. It works well for me and solved my problem of the rapidly diminishing pressure in the cylinder. Good luck.

One extra point. make sure of a good seal at the base by turning the tube against your stomach, back and forth, this helps to ‘loosen out’ any tangled hair at the base and does help the vacuum to form more quickly.

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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:


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