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L-Argine side affects


L-Argine side affects

I’m new so I guess this is the only place I can post this, so here goes:

About 2 weeks ago I started taking L-argine in small does (500mg) on an empty stomach, then worked up to 1500 mg. I noticed I started getting a little irritable during this period, but not necessarily know if it was because of the L-argine. After about a week, I started getting upset stomach, and now have symptoms of acid reflux. I have stopped using L-argine, but the symptoms still persist, so I don’t know if I should be attributing this to L-argine.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

It may be buzzing the stomach, I’m not sure. I’m using it for some time, but I didn’t notice such effects.

One idea: take with food. But food that doesn’t contain protein. (vegetables?) You can make use of L-arginine well this way, also protect your stomach.

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

1500 mg is a hell of a lot! It’s probably one of the basic faults to take too much at once, and then just stop it. I don’t think you’d need any sups the first 3 months. You’ll definitely make good gains by the pure potential of your ligs. I’d rather suggest to get into the base routine, and come back to L-argine after more than 3 months. Then take 500mg before going to bed, and 1000mg L-Lysine before breakfast

>1500 mg is a hell of a lot!

I disagree. When I tried it to see if it would have any effect on erections I took 2-3g (2000 - 3000 mg) morning and night. That isn’t even “a lot” compared to what others have used. It didn’t have any discernable effect.

somoflo2, my guess is your stomach problems are unrelated.

I’ve been taking l-arginine for a while and I take it on an empty stomach. I take between 3 and 5 grams a day. 1500 mg is not a very large dose. There are people who take 10+ grams a day. I do notice my stomach gets irritated after I take it, but this is easily tolerated. Do some research on l-arginine. It has different effects depending on if it’s taken on a full or an empty stomach. Have you tried different brands? Do you take capsules or the powdered form? Are there any other variables that might be affecting the way you feel?

I took 5 grams daily, and it was too much, cause my blood pressure droped or something, I felt woozy. I lowered my dose to 1-1.5 g per day.

I just got my first bottle this weekend and I did something unheard of…I read the directions!

The driections advised that you take it with a meal.


My el-cheapo protein powder says, per scoop:

22g protein, 4g carbs, 120 kcal

2g of Arginine

If you’re going to take it with food, why bother? Might as well eat a steak or anything else with arginine.

L-arginine is a supliment not a replacement. You should take it with your steak.


How much, and what is it supposed to do?

Are you kidding me? All of the brands I looked at stated that it should be taken with food. Almost all supliments shold be taken with food. They are not ment to be replacements. The real thing such as steak, chicken, fish and all of the other foods that contain L-arginine are far better for you than a pill or powder. It is all about complete nutrition…the supliments are just a little extra, and thats all!


No, I’m not kidding. I honestly wonder what a few grams of L-Arginine is supposed to accomplish when I’m getting plenty merely by eating a diet adequate in protein. Why pay $$ for tiny amounts of the stuff when I can get 2g with only a scoop of my cheapy protein powder and as much or more in a steak?

I’m not trying to provoke anything. I’m just saying that you should take it with food for better digestion and absorption in to the body, and that using it in addition to proper nutrition could have added benifits. Like I stated, this is my first bottle of it. I have read a lot of the posts on this website about l-arginine and I’m very curious to see what effects it will have on my lean muscle development and on my flacid size and hang.

Before I went and got a bottle I did a yahoo serch on it and looked in my text books from last semesters nutrition class. The most common positive effects are aid in lean muscle mass development, better blood cerculation and stimulation for the release of HGH. I guess by taking the pills in addition to a proper diet would accelerate and enhance the effects. Nausia was the main side effect in doses around 3g. and in some people less some more.


While arginine has helped a percentage of guys with erection problems, most likely this is from providing adequate amounts to those who were otherwise deficient. Some studies have shown supplemental L-Arginine helping erectile function in a percentage of men suffering from ED. That doesn’t mean more is better for the average Joe.

Muscle-wise, it seems one would need huge doses, possibly even given IV, to have a large effect on GH. GH levels in the body don’t have much, if any, impact on muscle hypertrophy. Forget it for growing muscle.

The idea we were exploring here was supplementing L-Arginine on an empty stomach so it would have a clear shot for absorption and not have to compete with other amino acids.

If absorption isn’t better on an empty stomach I don’t see the point in bothering with it at all. If I can get a few grams from meat or protein powder, what is the use in taking an extra couple grams in powder or pills? It’s possible many extra grams (5, 10, 20?) might have some effect added onto a decent diet. I haven’t tried that. I still have a bottle of powder needing to be used, so soon I’ll try megadoses and see what happens.

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