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kudos to PE and my story

kudos to PE and my story

Hi all,

I was fortunate enough to stumble across this WONDERFUL website through a drunken google search for I can’t remember the f**k what, which was about 36 hours ago.

By the way moderators, google search posted a back door to your archives without being a registered member:
you way want to check/protect this

I’ve tried PE off and on again for about 5 years, never really committing to a long term program.

Tried jelqing, stretching, JES-extender, pumping, paid for the PE sites. Minimal results.

I have been fortunate to have multiple love relationships through my 40 years and have been with over 200 women in my life. At a younger age I thought I was some kind of stud, due to the volume of snapper I was hitting (OOHH the ignorance of youth). I only ever had 1 complaint (that I know about), and that was an off day with a stripper in which I prematurely ejaculated after 10 minutes of her hoover mouth vacuuming my nozzle.

As I have aged, I realize now that the volume of women I had in the past was due to my very confident personality, attitude (in your face), height (6’1”), looks, and blonde hair. (note to no gainers or give uppers, get better looking and cop an attitude, you will score)

By the way, I am 6 X 5

As I have hit the 40 year mark, I’ve realized I’ve actually lost close to an inch in length (bartel-flicken)
WTF, instead of trying to place blame, I accept and vow to press forwards (you go boy!!!)

Side bar note on my views of the opposite sex:

Women are beautiful creatures, mostly visual yet perplexing to our male analytical minds. (what makes them tick? (age old Q). In my experience, there are 4 levels of women:

Woman # 1) are into relationships for love primarily , in which penis size doesn’t matter (security does, money, family, long term, until death do us part)

Woman # 2) are into what-have-you-done-for-me-lately relationships (size, money, and stepping up to further their life in all categories).

Woman #3) are sexually motivated (desiring deeper penetration and/or bigger units for max stimulation - aka: sluts/size-queens)

Woman #4) she considers herself a loser in life and doesn’t care what she gets just as long as she gets something.

All in all, I think regarding penis size, women are polite when the topic comes up, although I think they all wish for bigger sub-consciously, at least us men admit to being penis envy types, yet the girls claim “no, it’s the motion”

I kind of lost track about 4 years ago, having met a woman and continued an on/off relationship for over 4 years, in which she was “satisfied” with my manhood. I think her satisfaction was due to my oral and hand skills in foreplay (I’ll post that tidbit later, had her to 13 orgasm’s in one night), which set her up for “I want you inside me NOW” (with a nasty F me NOW slut look on her face).

Finding this forum has solidified my newfound believe in PE, Thank you so much for all the contributors regardless of your forum status. This place Rocks!!!!!!!!!

Having been to numerous forums regarding numerous topics, I am astounded by the lack of slander here of these forums!!!!!!!!!!. Most other forums, members are slandering each other at any given chance, that is why I bow in humble praise of this palace and inspire to fulfill my goals.

My workout list:
1) my brain (to search threads for PE routine info)
2) my credit cards (to buy devices)
3) my dick (to start exercises)
4) my patience (for growth and percerverance)
5) some woman’s vagina (after I plow her silly)

sorry if I babbled or screwed up the order of content. my first post


Welcome aboard to Thundersplace and thanks for your most interesting first post. Looking forward to more.


Forum Guidelines PAST: 5.25"L x 4.75"G (base),EBP (January 2001) / PRESENT: 7.50"L x 7.00G (base),EBP It doesn't happen overnight! Commitment! Focus! Patience!/ Main Routine = Pumping/Jelqing/clamping + Homedic TheraP or ACE Wrap TheraP or ACE Wrap

No slander? Well didn’t you know Ramrod is actually on the FBI’s list of most wanted PE felons? I keep voting for him to be on the next marathon of “Cops”. Nothing like a grown man running through his backyard with no pants on and wearing a Bib being yanked at by a police dog. (:

What a great intro post gottaB8. I look forward to seeing your contributions to the forums. Someone has to fill the void when Ramrod gets sent upstate.

-Tom “Crankshaft” Foolery

"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS


Not mine mate, she informed me of where I stood in the grand scheme of things and now where I was once a confident like myself guy I have turned into a low self esteemed every day is a struggle now I know what I know kind of guy.

I wish she had lied


It seams to be a matter of believe and religion… .


“Not mine mate, she informed me of where I stood in the grand scheme of things and now where I was once a confident like myself guy I have turned into a low self esteemed every day is a struggle now I know what I know kind of guy. I wish she had lied”

dude, maybe you are with the wrong girl, regardless of how you feel about her.

i just posted a new thread in the newbies forum about mental positive mind state, check it out, maybe it’ll help you.

like i said in my first post, some women are primarlily interested in size, we as men with average cocks have to face this, keep faith, and move forwards. never loose faith dizz!!!

until you’re taking a dirt nap, keep hammering away!!

Welcome to Thunder’s gottaB8! Great post. Feel like we know you already. Looking forward to hearing more from you.



Didn’t it hurt to take such a picture? (just wondering)


Hi and good post. I like your thought process. Yeah, at a similar size I heard “satisfied” right after sex with a couple of women. I wasn’t fond of “satisfied” as it struck me as word only used with small or average guys. Hard to tell if they really are when they are quiet as hell during intercourse. One may have meant it, can’t be sure due to the brief encounter, but the other one I was later able to realise she really wasn’t completely.

Originally Posted by BreadUnit

Didn’t it hurt to take such a picture? (just wondering)

Why would it hurt? That’s my real package. ;)

Move a little closer, Honey.

I've got a big prick for you.


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