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Krowax and mgus measuring method

Krowax and mgus measuring method

Hi folks, Is this method still considered the best way to measure= Patience…

Or is the ruler flat on top OK as long as its pushed into the pubic bone and not pushed into the lig gap.

I’m just trying to get accurate pictures, bit of an air gap between the ruler and the shaft.

Weird link.

Consistency is the important part. It doesn’t matter what you measure as long as you can measure it in a consistent manner, otherwise you can be fooled into thinking there has been a gain or loss when neither is the case.

Personally, I preferred standing, ruler on top, base of the ruler angled at about 45° to vertical, ruler itself horizontal. That provided the most consistent measurements for me. A tailors tape for girth works well too and it’s maybe worth taking three measurements.

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I missed this post :) . It’s been a while, but it may be worth replying to.

When checking for gains I always measure sitting down.

I do “Official” measurements standing up.

However, before I realized how to measure properly I would push the ruler in between my dick and the “lig gap”. But, as you probably have realized, it’s almost impossible to get an accurate reading measuring like that.

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I am over a foot long and measure my penis like a cat; i.e., from asshole to to tip of the head.

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