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Knowing Your Penis

Knowing Your Penis

1. How should your penis feel during and after jelqing ?

2. How long should it generally feel this way ?

3. Before gains are seen, how does one know he does it right with restriction to see the videos ?

1. Size wise I always feel more plumped during and after a workout.
2. Depending on your body and the way you feel that day, if you do it correctly it could last for hours. I jelq several times during the day so it stays that way almost all day.
3. If you are seeing and feeling good expansion during the stroke you are doing it correctly. I like to see the glans fill to glassiness and get tiny bumps on them at the very end of the stroke.

Hope this helps.


1. During jelqing you should simply feel the when your semi erect (this is important when you are semi-erect) you should feel a tight OK grip with one of your hands close to the base of the penis and then I try to go for the consitent feeling of a flow of blood as I slide my tight OK grip up the shaft to the glans or the head of penis. It should feel like blood is actually being pumped up your shaft. Just expierment and in time with gains you will figure out what to do.

2. Well no one really knows if doing really fast 1-2 second jelqs or even 5 second jelqs is better for making gains. I generally try to think about the feeling and the look of my penis through expierementation and results so I can come to a smart conclusion about what I should do. Think about it.

3. Well I don’t really think again that anyone really knows exactly how to do it, nor can anyone exactly explain how to do it. You just need to keep reading, practicing PE, try your best, go for it, stick with it for a while, try to be as smart as you can when you do PE excersizes which will come from reading and asking questions a lot.

I think an ultimate routine is to include both overhand and underhand jelqs.. Overhand jelqs feel amazing and work alot more of the penis but it’s important to do light jelqs such as the underhand to keep the state. I try to do 1 overhand jelq for every 20 light jelqs thats 10 overhand and 20 underhand.. If you do this you have a constant supply of blood and you won’t lose your state.

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