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Knowing when to act on negative PIs

Knowing when to act on negative PIs

I started my new girth routine on March 5th, two days earlier than I said I would after my mini decon. The first day and second day I had an amazingly intense session, but intense in a good way, not intense my dick is gonna drop off kinda way, or so I thought. My routine consists of a warm up in the shower, 10 mins of various stretching but mainly V and A stretches, then 200 jelqs (100 dry, 100 wet) and then some light clamping with a cockring for 5-10 mins. My routine was gonna consist of 5 on 2 off, but on the third day (yesterday) I noticed some negative PIs after my morning PE session, namely some turtling which I tried to keep at bay with a cockring and my dick felt tight and cordy.. This hadn’t happened the two previous days, I’d had a heavy hang throughout the day and my dick was plump and fluffy; on the second day into my routine after my morning PE I’d had amazing EG and measured a good 1/8 of an inch over my previous measurement and it felt incredible. This morning however 4 days in, I barely measured 7 inches BPEL, although my NBPEL was still at 6.5 and it seemed as if I had to push harder to get my measuring tape into my fat pad? Could it be that I’ve over worked my ligs and so they’re slightly swollen (or tighter?) and that’s why I’m measuring less? It’s more likely that I’ve scared my dick and it’s retreated back inside me! Although this is mainly a girth focused routine I’m also trying to gain length in the process just in case anybody is wondering why I’m harking on about my BPEL.

So I’m saying all this to say that I’m going to listen to my negative PIs and switch to a 2 on 2 off routine, as my EG was best on the second day of my routine and that’s when I measured 1/8 over my previous measurement. The routine I’m using isn’t particularly advanced and I’m not a PE newbie, but I think I’m gonna stick to fulcrum and V stretches so I’m stretching the actual penis as opposed to the ligs, plus the ligs get a light stretch during jelqing anyway. Is this the right thing to do? I’d appreciate somebody’s input.

Just measured again with better EG, and I’m now back at 7.125 BPEL, is my dick trying to drive me to the edge of sanity? That measurement this morning was obviously poor EG! God, PE is a psychological minefield. Still changing to a 2 on 2 off routine and I’m going into a two day break now before I start again. Reassuring to know I hadn’t lost any though.

Current: 7 1/4" BPEL, 5 1/2" EG

Goal: 7 1/2" BPEL, 6" EG, 7 inches NBPEL, the magic number!

Fulcrums do the same thing to me. If I do more than a day, maybe two depending on intensity, my EQ goes to hell and I have to take a day or so off right then.


I think you’re right to go with 2 on 2 off for now and see how it goes for a while then maybe go back to 1 off.

That’s a pretty intense routine for girth. Maybe you should do jelqs and clamping only 3 days per week.

Really? 200 jelqs and then some clamping? I think I might just stop the clamping all together in that case and introduce it at a later date. I don’t clamp as such as I’m not using a clamp, but I masturbate to full erection with a cockring on and then just squeeze at the base for 10 seconds. I do that 5 times. But I call it clamping as I’m clamping off my erection with the cockring, sorry for any confusion.

Of course it’s finding the happy medium between too much and too little. Thanks for the advice guys.

Current: 7 1/4" BPEL, 5 1/2" EG

Goal: 7 1/2" BPEL, 6" EG, 7 inches NBPEL, the magic number!

Marinera is right - training girth every day is too much, and counter productive.

You have to give yourself more time off for recovery from girth work. Wad gained an inch in girth.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Slow, firm jelqs - both wet & dry - at about 75% erection. In my early months, I was doing PE every other day - never on consecutive days. While I believe that “more is better” for Length, I believe that “LESS is more” for Girth. Too much girth work, I believe, traumatizes the tissues….inhibiting growth.

Try a simple, not-too-frequent approach to girth for a while.

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