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"Know" your penis

"Know" your penis

This thread aims primarily newbies: before start any PE, I extremely suggest you to explore your whole penis. Take a closer look to it’s appearance(color, birthmarks, anything), stretching the skin to see what is beneath it. Bend, squeeze, milk it, paying attention to whatever happens(the idea is to preview the results of the exercises). Try to memorize the smell(it’s unpleasant but important). Watch each event carefully, remembering this takes time. This way you will be able to distinguish between normal reactions to PE and other issues, such as STD(very important), for instance. You just have to stop the training and remember the way it was.

For appearance may take a photo, but for the smell, I have no idea how to memorize it.

Unpleasant smell? Dude, don’t you wash? My dick smells fantastic ;)


My penis releases intense lemon smells after a hard jelqing session. Normally my penis smells like pine and during the summer more of an oak scent.

Originally Posted by DirkGently
Unpleasant smell? Dude, don’t you wash? My dick smells fantastic ;)


You have to taste it and listen to hit also.

I miss this place.

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I see Shag has a new avatar, we miss the fat chick. My penis smells like a sweet summer breeze even after coming out some chicks ass.


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I wasn’t doing that, but I should expect this kind of comic replies(that’s the forum spirit). Anyway, I mean it. My advice focused STD, but it might be of help regarding Positive/Negative Indicators too. I’m not saying to go that far as taking pictures, but you can only safely keep track of your penis’ changes when you really pay attention to it.

P.S. 1: By the way, DirkGently, I wash my penis(in fact, my entire body) everyday. Do you?
P.S. 2: Shagnasty, I think that level of intimacy is not necessary.

So this has now turned into a washing competition? Do I wash every day? To tell you the truth, no, I sometimes skip a day. If I had a late shower the day before and not going anywhere. On the other hand I shower twice on my gym days.

My dick is always clean and really smells great (that’s why I thought your unpleasant smell remark was funny). I rinse it every time I pee and wash it with soap at least twice a day. If you experience an unpleasant smell, maybe you should see a doctor. This is not a joke. Your dick should NOT smell bad.

It’s quite difficult to be understood sometimes. That’s because natural languages can’t fully denote things, They are not like formal languages, lacking completeness and being ambiguous. Also, describing something isn’t always easy. For instance, you are warned to look for red spots after jelq, right? But how red? How about their size and?. Thus, I’m going to try to be clear now: what your penis carefully before any P.E. Because it has idiosyncrasies nobody can show you. Don’t you want to go see a doctor every strange thing you note about it(stains, scars, whatever) , do you? I’m just trying to help. Thank you.

A regular dick has a regular dick smell, which is exactly like the smell of a dick. It does not need to be washed too often and there is no point at trying to make it scent change: it is supposed to be the way it is. Indeed, washing it too much and with soap may change its natural PH which is necessary for its health. If you don’t like the smell of your dick, smell something else.

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