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I didn’t make it through the second sentence. Paragraphs are your friend.

So many threads are started here and I like to read them. That said, I don’t have time to read an ill constructed paragraph.

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Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider
A medical student? That would explain the presumptuous attitude. First thing pe isn’t recognized by the medical community or science, neither is a bumble bee’s flight for that matter, so kudos to you trying something new and testing it for yourself. Hypertrophy has less to do with PE unless current theories about cellular division in the CC are wrong and it turns out to sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, and there can be some atrophy from over doing it or not getting an erection for quite some time. It is after all half smooth muscle….

Caffeine does produce enough dopamine and adrenaline to get a lazy PE’er to get on with his routine or help us have sex when tired, but too much exercise or cups of Joe will draw blood away from that region with the body’s fight or flight reaction to rapid heart rate. Being a serious lifter I know all about the “wait and see” ED that comes from smashing a personal record in the gym. Usually it’s a 6-8 hour wait until the body calms down before you can get a strong erection again.

I don’t know if anybody has told you this but you don’t need protein shakes to help you grow with pe. Your body has enough free protein and amino acids to help repair minor injuries like those with pe even through weeks of fasting. There exists such a thing as gluconeogenesis that will take any extra protein and convert it to glucose to be stored in muscle, the liver, or fat cells for later use. Anything higher than about half your lean body weight is grams of protein when sedative could be too much depending on your metabolism. Obviously there are going to be differences between macro needs in everybody. And the multivitamin could be helpful or harmful depending on a persons diet. Many people don’t even need a multi vitamin if they eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and usually very little nutrients are drawn before the rest is excreted. Don’t go overboard on these either as intoxication can happen (selenium, Vit A, Vit C, Iron….).

Yeah, well spoken TGD, am so with you on the caffeine part there. I needs that shayt!


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