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Kind of new

Kind of new

Hey I’m new to this forum and kind of new to PE.. I’ve tried it before on and off but never really got serious about it but now I’m trying to..

Now I’ve read lots of posts by newbies where they were told to search before they ask questions and I’ve searched and read a lot but I didn’t know how I’d find an answer to this question so here goes and sorry if it was already discussed..

In the past I’ve tried some PE (jelqing, stretching, a little bit of hanging) but I never really knew what I was doing and never got too serious.

So now that I have some experience, does any1 think it might be ok to go a little harder on the newbie routine? Or do it for less time.

I’ve been at it for a couple of days now.. 2 on and 1 off.. And my routine so far is..

5 min. Warm up with a heating pad
10 min. Stretching (you,D,L, and R 10 sec., 15 times each)
5 min. Jelq (about 350 pulls or so)

Does this sound good to start with..

And also..

I’ve had mostly positive PI’s.. (Increased hardness, feeling like I’m hangin a bit more flaccid on the day of a workout, and just an overall better feeling)

But I haven’t had morning wood the last couple of mornings.. Might be because I’ve been masturbating the night before but idk.. I’m not too worried about it because I can still get hard at pretty much any time..

But any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

Welcome ThatGuy, I’ve been told to stick with the newbie routine so long as you are getting positive results. As soon as your body starts to adjust, then switch it up a bit, but stick with the newbie routine for now and see what kind of gains you can make.

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Calculating from your routine it looks like you’re stretching in four directions for about 10 seconds each with fifteen repetitions. And you’re doing 350 jelqs in five minutes (less than one second per jelq stroke). I’d say do 30 second stretches in four directions with five repetitions (for the same 10 minute total), but increase your jelqs to three second strokes and do 300 (15 minutes total). Do that for a few weeks and see how things go.

As you said, you never took PE seriously before, so I say start a fresh from the newbie routine.

Give PE of your best and then you will know if it can work for you.

Westla90069 gave ideal advice. Newbie routine for 2-3 months at least.

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