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Kind of funny for a noob

Kind of funny for a noob

A little background first. I’m married with 2 kids and pretty muscular guy with an average size johnson. I’ve only been jelqing for 4 days now but I have noticed some decent girth gains especially right after jelqing. (I do it before I shower in the tub) I told my wife about this only because we both work out 4 days a week and I said my penis needed needed muscle training too. She laughed and said whatever. So for the last 3 days I notice her hanging around the bedroom just as I get out of the shower. I say hey look honey, my penis is bigger and I laugh. So then I say you want to go? And she says sure.. Now normally we have sex during the week when the kids are at school and on an average of 5 to 6 times a week, sometimes twice a weekdays only. But this is the weekend and the kids are downstairs at the table and here she is ready to go at it. So whats really funny about this is today, we’re going at it while the kids are eating breakfast and they start fighting, the dog starts barking to go out, then the dam doorbell rings. LOL, She yells out, stop fighting!! Jr. Let the dog out!! And don’t answer the door for no one!! I almost fell over with laughter. I think she really like my new found penis workout.


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And people say size doesn’t matter! I think they are mistaken ;)

Give her the best time of her life with your new equipment :)

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Yeah, women love big fat penises. But they’re happy to deny their sexuality if you love them, and treat them well. But once you’ve got a thick-ass unit, they’re going to be real happy about it. I’ve made some little gains, and my girlfriend seems to be excited.


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