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Kidney stones, PE, and volume

Kidney stones, PE, and volume

Great site and much appreciated; accurate information for those of us seeking improvement in our sex lives is far too thin.
I am nearing 60, have a long history of kidney stones and associated troubles. Three yrs ago or so I began loosing volume of ejaculate, with a changed contraction (spasms instead of hard muscle clinching) and lowered strength/volume of emission. Recently passed a huge (10+ mm) stone and had a hernia repair - both events have improved my performance after many weeks of healing. The supposition is stones and debris were accumulating in my lower UT, constricting passages and interfering with contraction; hernia was impinging nerves adding to poor sensation, and the pain from both was blocking the sensory reception of pleasure usually attributed to sexual arousal.

Given all that: Anyone with either or both afflictions is well advised to seek assistance from an MD with experience in urological complaints. My effort to pursue alternate healing was not productive and may have added months to my troubles.

Anyone else with experience in what seems to be prostate constriction and damage is welcome to add their tale, helping me and maybe others. I am starting the nutritional supplement stack recommended on this site (pygeum, etc.) along with increasing exercises for growth. I will post beginning numbers as time allows.

Cheers to all and make the most of your assets!


After passing several monster stones (all 10+ mm) and recovering some, the strength and volume of my ejac. Is much improved. The daily dose of Holy Grail combo is likely a contributor, according to my MD. Additional work on PE will include measurements and photos. Thanks for the support.

I’m glad you’re making progress! Keep us posted and good luck!

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