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Keloid Scars

Keloid Scars

Will someone who has a history of developing Keloid scars have a problem with PE?

Maybe. If a mere ear piercing can cause a kelod to develop, I would be very VERY careful.

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Can more light be shed on this? Especially on jelq’s, since they cause micro-tears. Don’t think stretching will be affected, since all it is is stretching a ligament.

I have a histroy of keloids and from my own experience I don’t think they will develop in areas that aren’t exposed the air. The best treatment by a mile for them are silicone gel sheets. If used asap after a cut is healed, in my experience they are excellent as the seem to prevent a keloid from forming. I personally think this is because they create a seal around the wound. I think this dehydrates the area. Basically I think keloids are just the body over healing. I think by sealing the wound, it prevents the healing process, which for people with keloids is a good thing.

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