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KegelsHardness problem

KegelsHardness problem

I while ago I started a kegel routine to try and increase the hardness of my erections but mainly to eliminate premature ejaculation. I started doing 25 a day and increasing by 25 every 2 weeks (a routine I found on another site). W

When I got to the 75 per day stage I found that I was getting really hard which I was happy with but I still wasn’t lasting that long, however I’m now at 150 per day and I’m lasting a lot longer which I’m really happy with but I’m not getting as hard as I was before.

Has anyone had this a similar experience? Is there a special technique to doing kegels that makes you harder such as holding for several seconds instead of just one?

This has really got me confused/worried, can anyone help?


As far as your erectile strength diminishing goes.. the only explanation I can think of is that you are fatiguing yourself to the point where it’s hindering your ability to achieve optimal erections. If I were in your position, I’d stop kegeling for a few days to make sure everything is back to full strength before continuing.

I imagine that after laying off the kegels for a bit you’ll see your erection levels back to where you want them to be. If this doesn’t turn out to be true, you might be overtraining in other forms of PE. I’m not sure what you’re doing exactly so I can’t even guess if that’s the case.


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