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I am not sure about how to do these kegels. Sometimes I feel like I am just using my stomach muscles (= bauchmuskeln?) or my anus muscle or sth. like that. I easily can “snap up” my dick or stop my peeing, so I can also do a kegel, but not 5 seconds long! How long should time between 2 kegels be for a newbie?

Well, if you can stop peeing, while your´re holding, you´re using you pc muscle, this is one kegel.

I don´t know about how many time, but if you can do this for one second, start with one second… sometime in the future you´ll hold it for time enough to stop an orgasm.

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if you can move your penis than that is a kegel. just work up to 5 secs. i used to not be able to do it but now i can hold it for 15-20 secs.

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