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Hi guys,

I m not sure I have located exactly where the kegel is. It seems to me that the whole muscle extend from the asshole to the shaft of the pines. Where exactly am I suppose to give my attention when I m doing kegels. Is there a different muscle that gets me confused?

They are in effect several muscles. If you want to give attention or determine what part of the pelvic floor moves you could kegel while sitting on a gymnastics ball.

Sit down on it and tilt to all sides while doing kegels. A rolled up towel could do the trick, but is a little harder.

Benefits of training all sides of the pelvic floor? Mainly urinary tract.

If you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to tell if you’re really engaging the PC muscles. After a couple of weeks, the sensation becomes a lot more definite — it feels like you’re opening and closing a valve.

As for how to get started, try taking a piss, then shut off the flow before you finished. Those muscles that you just squeezed? Those are you PCs. A more helpful demonstration might be to work up an erection, then squeeze the muscles at the base of you cock so that your dick bounces up and down. That is essentially a kegel. Now, slow down so that you are holding those contractions for about five seconds, then releasing. That’s the kind of kegel prescribed in the Newbie Routine. (Note: you don’t need to have an erection to do this exercise, it just makes it easier to visualize when you’re new to PE.)

And yes, you do end up clenching your asshole, too. (At least, I do.)

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