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It’s harder to do kegels, everything else seems to work fine, but tensing my penis up is a little harder since starting PE, my dick moves “less” you could say when I tense my groin to do kegels, what gives?

I don’t do kegels, I’m assuming if I did along with PEing that would improve this condition?

On the bright side I’ve gained about 1/4” this past month since I started hanging with the bib hanger

I could be wrong about this, but when I do kegels, I keep a finger placed on the skin between my unit and my anus, and I make sure that I tense that area when I kegel so I know I’m working the right parts. If you feel that area tense, then I’m inclined to believe you are doing a kegel.

I also try to be at least a little hard so I can “lift” my dick to help make sure I’m doing the right thing. As long as I can “lift” it away from my body to where it’s not touching, I consider that a proper kegel.

But, I’m pretty much brand new. Any more experienced members have any input?

I tried kegel today, much easier when you’re not doing it right after a hang session, lol.

@Needtobebigger - dang you have started using a hangar already? I have been doing PE on and off for a few months and I still don’t feel like I’m ready for it. I want to gain as much as possible from stretchgin although I havent seen much in gains yet. EQ improved for sure. What changes have you experienced and why did you decide to start hanging so soon?

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