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Hey guys,

I’ve never really managed to do more than a few days worth of Kegels before giving up, mainly due to laziness I guess. Basically i’m wondering if anybody out there has had extreme success with Kegels. I imagine lots of people combine them with PE but… I’ve experienced all the positive factors guys who DO kegel get, without doing any at all.

So is there anybody out there who can say confidently: “kegels alone had a huge impact on my sexual function”?

I can’t say for sure but I would think you would want to do it as I remember reading some ones thread they have worked the muscle so much they can pretty much make their erection how they want it. Lol not hard enough.. Kegel it on up.. One reason why I am going to start getting serious about it cause it would be a nice ability plus the benefits of everything else too,


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I’ve been kegeling for years while I jerked off, but I never knew what I was doing. I don’t particularly enjoy sitting down and saying “okay, you need to kegel now.” So, what I have done is incorporated them into my jelqing. I do a strong kegel before every jelq stroke now. I don’t know what they’re doing for me as a whole, but they make my jelqing much more productive.

Yeah Gator, I do the same thing. It helps with the pumping of blood. The problem with me though, I can’t kegel for the 5 second hold that is recommended. I can only feel the pump of blood for maybe 3 seconds and the seconds after that the force of the kegel gets really weak. I can get rock hard erections though without holding a kegel for too long. Because of this, I dont do kegel exercises. The 5 second hold is too hard to accomplish and I can’t hold a kegel longer than 3 seconds.

Is this not normal?

Iwish6, this is completely normal if your PC (or is it BC?) muscles are not strong enough. Practice holding them for at least 5 seconds and this won’t happen anymore.

Will do/try/work on it, thanks alex.

Just like with other exercises, slow and steady progression with your kegels too. They can be overtrained as well.

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