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Had some great advise to-date but the routine I am doing will increase as directed by the emails received back, however the one area I m struggling with is the kegel. Am I right in saying you simply push-up just under the testis and what will that achieve they don’t have a video to show exactly what to do or maybe I am being thick.

Help please.

When you’re pissing. Stop. You’ve just successfully kegeled. :)

Yeah and the best part you can do it anywhere,anytime without anyone knowing.

Sound so you do motion then 50 or so times?

Originally Posted by joneseya
Sound so you do motion then 50 or so times?

Sound :)

Are you from Scotland by any chance?

I do about 50 in a set. Couldn’t tell you how many sets I do in a day. Sometimes 1, sometimes 5. Pretty much if I’m bored ir driving to work or whatever.

No the sunny north west (not) so that will tighten the muscle and can be done anywhere then. I enjoy my sex drive and she does too so I do not want to cum quicker as some suggest

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