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kegels with weight (sounds stupid)

kegels with weight (sounds stupid)

ok i know this sounds really stupid but i just got done jelqing 70% erect. so its time to heatdown with the rice sock. i have the rice sock on and start kegeling with, i let it hang and its kinda funny using ur PC muscle to lift the weight. now do u guys see any positive effects of kegel curls?? lol

Yep, I do the same thing. It has certainly strengthened my PC.

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Whack, use proper capitalization, and don’t use chat speak (“u”).

Weighted kegels aren’t stupid. I’ve been doing them for years. I think they’ve helped give me stronger erections and more intense orgasms.

A few threads. You’ll see more if you search “weighted kegels”:
Ike - harder erections!!
anyone do weighted kegals?
Weighted kegels

When I dredged up this old document a few months ago I realized that was where I first heard about kegeling against resistance: Jojido: Secrets of the Ancients Revealed! (1995)

‘Particularly see the top part of this excerpt: Ike - Jojido: Secrets of the Ancients Revealed! (1995)

I’ve been doing weighted kegels with a clamp on. It’s intense, and not for newbies.
Bat Weight Clamping

yeah i just thought it was stupid because back in middle school we would get boners and put textbooks over our pants and start

So that settles it.

Weighted Kegels = good, very good.

Chat speak, improper capitalization and poor punctuation = bad.

It’s good to clear this up.

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