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Kegels while hanging...

Kegels while hanging...

Another idea I couldn’t find a thread on… Do any of the experienced hangers perform Kegels while hanging, and if so, did they realize any special benefit? I’d imagine that the resistance would exercise the PC muscle like it would any other muscle, but I thought it would be better to ask around…



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Use the “advanced search” page. Select the Hanger’s Forum (middle right), search for “kegels hanging” (no quotes) and you’ll get several threads on the subject. Some have Kegels and Hanging in the title, others have those words within the thread. You have to pick out those you think will answer your question.

You might also want to read this so you know it’s the BC muscle, not the PC that you’d be exercising. My opinion, and I have very limited hanging experience, is that it doesn’t have much benefit for the ligs, tunica, or your bulbocavernosus muscle to Kegel while hanging.

Reverse kegeling while hanging BTC puts on a little extra whammy. The abs push outward on the abdominal fascia, increasing the tension on the ligs - sort of like a fulcrum stretch. I feel it most when relaxing between reverse kegels.

Kegeling while hanging above your LOT works the BC muscle. I don’t know if resistance training benefits it or not.

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