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Kegels using finger for resistance

Kegels using finger for resistance

Hello all.

I’m trying a kegel routine that seems different from anything else I’ve found on here, so I thought I’d see what people on here thought.

I’ve been doing PE for about 2.5 months following the newbie routine recommended - reasonably happy with modest gains so far and the generally healthier, stronger look of my penis.

Kegels I’ve found a bit tricky to get the hang of. I think my BC muscle is pretty weak which doesn’t help. But I found it very difficult to do kegels without seeming to also engage various other muscles in that region, so how much good I was doing the BC muscle was questionable.

So I’ve been trying a different tack for a month or so. I place my finger where the BC muscle is, and clench the muscle against my finger, effectively using the finger as resistance. It’s quite a good way of isolating the BC muscle too. But it also means it’s that much harder to clench the BC muscle for any longer than a second or two.

I’ve been trying this for about a month and not really noticed much change, though as I say, my BC muscle is pretty weak.

But I wondered if anyone else had ever tried anything like this with success? Or what people’s thoughts were generally about this as a kegel technique?


I noticed that when I kegel while erect, I get a better feel for it.

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Originally Posted by Albion71
… I place my finger where the BC muscle is, and clench the muscle against my finger, …

So exactly where are you placing your finger? Picture (serious)?

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Originally Posted by BigFatLuvRocket
So exactly where are you placing your finger? Picture (serious)?

At the bottom of the scrotum, as explained in this thread: Locating the bc muscle

The relevant bit is:

<<The BC muscle can also be felt with the fingers by placing them between the scrotum and the anus. Contractions felt through the skin at this point (in the midline) are from the BC muscle. >>

It’s a pretty distinctive feeling when you flex the BC muscle, you know when you’ve found it.

Just keep doing it,You’ll strengthen it up soon enough:)

I’ve been strong in that area myself for a long time but have been weak when it comes to flexing my penis up towards my belly.

I used a metal cock ring placed right behind my glans to help it get stronger that way;)

This might also work to help you flex yours in a downward direction:)

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