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Kegels / Pumping blood between each jelq ?

Kegels / Pumping blood between each jelq ?

Hey guys,

Just started up PE again. Had some decent results in the past and hope to get those gains again.

Just a question: As a newbie, should I Kegel / “Pump” blood into my penis between each jelq ? I vaguely remember this being an advanced thing to do but can’t remember.

Only done 4 sessions so far and I’m already a bit thicker and harder :>

Any input appreciated,

If you find you are losing the erection, Kegeling can help doing some more strokes. Otherwise is not needed.

I get hard after about 2-3 jelqs when kegeling. Makes the sessions a lot longer :-/

I will not kegel anymore then.


I don’t think you should do so many kegels, it’s a recipe for overtraining the pelvic floor. As marinera said it can help a few times during a session.

Thanks. Makes sense now :D

And if you use kegel during PE (like me) don’t do it during the day. Learn how to relax yourself and your pelvic floor, and how breath, because is important IMO. When you know the difference between relax and tension, you can use it. More than become a multiorgasmic or something similar man.

Sorry for my English language errors.


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