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Kegels please tell me WHAT

Kegels - BC Exercises

Like any exercise, when you are starting out, take it easy. Try doing 100 kegels* per day to start and gradually increase the number each week until you are doing about 1000 per day. You can experiment by alternating between quick release contractions and holding the contraction for 10 seconds.

*Think of a kegel as a ‘squeeze’. You can squeeze erect or flaccid, though most save erect kegels for another, more pleasurable, exercise.

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Originally Posted by Infinity_06
So I hope someone call tell me, if there is, the best angle to sit or stand when doing kegels . The kind of contact I should look out for and those to avoid and how to test my progress as a means of determining if I doing it right.


Right. So you need a way to gauge your kegel exercises - see how well you’re doing down there, eh?

Well then, you should check out the book The Multi Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia (available widely through P2P, ahem). You can also find information regarding some of the more.. practical, shall I say, aspects of that book on these forums by searching the terms ‘ballooning’, or more predominantly ‘edging’. :) Happy multi-orgasming.

Originally Posted by Infinity_06
MY PE routine was very much what this forum specifies as newbies routine until the point that I found I did not have the motivation or maybe penis stamina to do good jelqing after doing stretches because the old boy to get tired and unmotivated. So as a modification I do 3 stretches. First at comfortable length for 30sec then second for one min at 60% stretch then stretch 95% for 3 min. I then do jelqing at 85 to 90% erection (because at lower percentages I neither so nor feel the girth grow). I return to stretches at 3 min almost full stretch. I do most kegels on the road and I can do up to 500 very easy in an almost “reflex action mode”.

Best Regards

60% stretching? 85-90% erect jelqing?! Man, you are seriously risking the long-term health of your unit by jelqing at such high erection levels. A fatigued dick is no reason, at all, for these levels. You should still be in the period of conditioning your penis for a more intense work-out.

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Thanks for all the help guys.



I reduced my PE routine yesterday by at least 45% and tried ten min of ballooning (I did how ever touch the trigger zone and under-shaft area when I noticed a loss of zeal or reduced erection)

This morning I woke of and stayed in bed for an added six minuets and then went for a piss went back to the room and still had an erection. Everything, close to ten minuets For me this is not normal especially when I had had sex till gratification the previous erections normally start going down as soon as I am getting out of bed

Thanks again . I think I will do more searching on this topic and slowly introduce my findings into my PE routine.

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Another question about kegels I have is that it seems I can do stronger ones with my legs crossed. Should that be the way I do them primarily?

Man I’ve been calling it the PC muscles for ages, I don’t know why. Maybe cause my PC taught me about my BC and it caused cranial confusion.

Starting: (2/1/06) (nbpel=7.8) (bpel=8.15) (eg=5 3/16)

06/29/07: (nbpel=8 1/2) (bpel=9) (mid eg=6) (base eg 6.25)

Comparison Pictures, 8in to 9in= My Comparison Pic thread.

Do you feel PC contracts when the BC contractions get stronger?


Originally Posted by Formula1
Another question about kegels I have is that it seems I can do stronger ones with my legs crossed. Should that be the way I do them primarily?

Up to you, but as for me I imagine I’d look stupid enough without crossing my legs while I’m doing it ;)


BC, PC confusion? We’re one of the only resources on the net to use the - correct - abbreviation of BC instead of PC. See Westla’s thread for details.

Locating the bc muscle

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I am now sure that edging is definitely a fast way to get a long lasting and hard morning wood.

Also I have noticed that once high erections levels have been reached during edging, there will be a very noticeable expansion(inflation) of the shaft when a reverse kegel is performed. A similar effect is noticeable with a regular kegel but it effect is less noticeable. I wonder what the biology behind this is, anybody? For the time being, I have actually reduced jelqing sessions since I have found greater, fuller, rounder and even more tissue expansion levels while doing edging thus combing the two would only be asking for trouble judging by the extents for expansion if feel.
1) Apart from getting to know your ejaculatory process, can some one tell me of other hidden benefits
2)Can someone please shed light on the difference between expansion gotten thought jelqing and edging.

Best regards

1) Read my posts (or the Multi Orgasmic Man).

2) Edging (or ballooning) is considered by some on these forums as ‘inside-out jelqing’. Iā€™m not too sure on the physiology.

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Thanks I have read it but I have not read the entire thread. I will read it all now. I have some other observation I wish to make public. It is on my other computer . I will connect it and still send the post



You go do that…

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Hey, could someone tell me, are kegels absolutely neccesary for gaining penis girth (and lenght)?

No, kegels are not necessary.

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