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Kegels Overtraining

Kegels Overtraining

I’ve been doing about 100-200 keygels daily.. Could that contribute to weak erections?

It really depends on how your body takes for me if I do 50 a day that seems to be enough for me to be

I find just masturbating every couple days helps my pc/bc muscle enough not to have to do
Kegels everyday, and you can tell when your bc/pc is getting tired because your erection will usually go down

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The word is “kegels” (plural) without the “y”. It comes from the last name of the physician who created the exercises for women, later extended to men: Arnold H. Kegel.


Mafero: nice, but what has that got to do with over training?

I think 5-6 days of kegels in 10-15 minutes and 1-2 days off would do fine.

I'm pissed of with my gains and loses. I've been doing this for more than 4 years. I keep measuring wrong and the next time I update my signature you will see impressive results.

Baseball! the kegel muscle or the BC muscle is a muscle and not a spongy tissue. Therefore, like most muscles even your BC muscle would require peoper rest inorder to recover and get stronger. Exercising them everday is of no significance if you are not giving them enough time to rest. Also they are a very small group of muscles and dont require much workout. Work them out every alternate day. Do about 20x4 sets in a day and that should suffice.

Walk slowly but never backwards.


It has to do with part of his post. Don’t you see that?


Routine suggested by Barbara Keesling in her book “How to make love all night (and drive a woman wild)”, Which teaches you how to be multi orgasmic:

First three weeks 3x20 short kegels (1-3 seconds)
After these 3 weeks add 2x10 long kegels (10-15 seconds)

I have been doing this kegel routine for several months now and never been harder in my life.

I presume 3x20 per day??

Sounds like something that wouldnt take up much time at all so I will incorporate it into my day.

I find kegels very tiring. I must have a weak muscle down there, but two weeks ago I couldn’t even do 50 consecutive kegels and right now I can do it quite easy. I think that, as muscles, they need to be worked slowly, so I will change my schedule and do these 3x20 (1-3 seconds) kegels. Ops! One doubt I always have: when you say 1-3 seconds, it’s 1-3 seconds at full force or 1-3 seconds all the forcing and relaxing? I guess it’s 1-3 seconds rest between every kegel? (Because most of the times I was doing very quickly flexes of the muscle, like 1 or 2 per second).

Originally Posted by Sacred
I presume 3x20 per day??
Sounds like something that wouldnt take up much time at all so I will incorporate it into my day.

Yes, I forgot to mention that :) .

You are correct that it wouldn’t take up so much time. I do it while having dinner, waiting in line, listening to a boring colleague or surfing here at Thunders.

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